KZN Solar now offers direct sales on all solar products / components. This allows you to source a trusted third party service provider for installation if you so desire. We deliver to your door, and will provide the instructions / support necessary to make sure the product is installed and configured to specification. For more infomation please contact us on 086 111 1203 or online.


Surrounded by passionate people providing reduced electricity bills for our clients, become part of our picture.

KZN Solar is conscious of our responsibility as humans to create solutions to what can only be described as the carbon dioxide crises.  We source and develop products to help reduce emissions and try to help minimize the impact that carbon emissions have on our planet.

KZN Solar has a product for every conceivable hot water heating requirement associated with either Solar or Heat pump technology. In particular we believe our association with Kwikot will help us lead the way in consolidated, locally made products with serious backup credentials.

KZN Solar has in the past 9 and a half years grown from a small micro enterprise to a serious contender in the Solar thermal environment, our partners and colleagues are passionate about our activities and support us in all actions. We have installed over 8000 low pressure units over the past two years and have completed more than a 2000 high pressure units in the greater KZN Region. Our association with Kwikot is well deserved and the product range with which we compete is well balanced and backed up by strong corporate structures. We aim to be the best Solar Company in the KZN region.

Apart from a free, no obligation quote, we will try to understand each application by interrogating the electricity bill and getting info from the client regarding specifically the water and electrical flow. Our service is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and where possible to remove our clients as much as possible from grid dependence. Our service includes helping our clients make decisions around a cash neutral mindset.

KZN Solar - Uncomplicated Thermal Heating Solutions